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Riverside Presbyterian Church Welcomes You!

We believe that Christ has created Riverside Presbyterian Church to be a fellowship of love in the City of Niagara Falls, especially to the community of LaSalle, and to the Towns of Niagara and Wheatfield.

Riverside Presbyterian Church
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Who We Are

We seek to provide a loving, nurturing environment to develop our personal relationships with God, to increase our knowledge of God’s love, and to share God’s love with others.


We believe true joy and happiness are found in life in relationship with God and in service to God. By the power of the Holy Spirit, we wish to share the blessings of God with those around us. Our work and mission are shaped by our trust in the truths proclaimed by Jesus the Christ.


Our building is handicapped-accessible and open for meetings of all kinds of groups. Our Sanctuary is warm in winter, air conditioned in summer. Our Sanctuary also has an induction loop assistive listening system. This system is compatible with all telecoil-equipped hearing aids, cochlear implants and induction loop receivers. Parking is available on the surrounding neighborhood streets and in two handicapped-only spots in the front driveway, which is also used as a quick drop off and pick up point. Please contact us if you have any special needs or concerns.

The Blessings of Riverside


We believe that Christ has created Riverside Church in order to be a blessing to the greater community of LaSalle and the Towns of Niagara and Wheatfield. We believe true joy and happiness are found in life in relationship with God and in service to Him. By the power of the Holy Spirit we wish to share the blessings of God with those around us. Our work and mission will be shaped by our trust in the following truths proclaimed by Jesus:





I. Happy are those who worship the Lord, for they shall experience the presence of God

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul.”

Worship is the core of our Church’s life together.


II. Happy are those who open themselves to others, for they shall discover human relationship

“Love one another even as I have loved you.”

The fellowship of our Church in central to its strength.


III. Happy are those who care for those in need, for they shall find Christ

“When you have done it to the least of these, my brethren, you have done it unto me.”

The Church is to minister to people in need.


IV. Happy are those who are learning God’s word, for they shall become the people God intends them to be.

“Be ye perfect.”

The Church is to foster the spiritual growth of its men, women and children that they might become better disciples.


V. Happy are those who share the good news of Christ, for their own faith is strengthened.

“Go into all the world…”

The Church is to proclaim and teach the Gospel of Christ.


9:30 a.m. Sundays

             Worship with Communion


11:00 a.m. Sundays


             Communion first Sunday each month

             Sunday School for children through grade 5 during the school year

             Nursery available year round


6:00 p.m. Sundays


                 First Sunday of the month

                 Contemporary Music with coffee


9:00 a.m. Tuesday  Prayer Service


Our worship together is enhanced by the talents of many people including lay readers, greeters, ushers and musicians, coordinated by the Worship Committee, the Minister and the Organist/Choir Director.


Lay readers

Members of the congregation take turns leading worship.


Greeters, ushers

Members of the congregation take turns greeting worshipers and helping them in worship.


Chancel Choir rehearses for about an hour

at 7:30 PM Thursdays under the direction of Oren Hollasch. New members are always welcome. The Choir usually sings at the 11AM service and at both services on special occasions. Choir members also provide special music as soloists.



If you would like to offer flowers for a loved one or to celebrate special occasion, the 2014 Flower Chart is posted  on the hallway bulletin board.  You may also call the Church Office anytime with your request and your favorite flower or color. You will be billed by the church office.

Office hours

Rev. Laura Norris-Buisch

Monday              9:30AM -  2:00PM

Tuesday             9:30AM  - 2:00PM

Wednesday        9:30AM -  2:00PM

Friday                 9:30AM -  2:00PM

Other times available.  For an appointment, call to schedule

Church office hours

Monday             9:00AM - 2:30PM

Wednesday       9:00AM - 2:30PM

Friday                9:00AM - 2:30PM

Rev. Laura Norris-Buisch

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Heart and Soul is a non-profit organization dedicated to feeding those in need and improving their quality of life.





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